Friday, April 26, 2013

Real Comeback

After my admittedly false comeback in December, I am going to attempt to bring this blog back for real.

The reason I haven't been writing much is simple: I haven't had much to say because I have been feeling a bit crappy about my life. I'm going to pin the blame on Facebook for that.

This is what my life feels like much of the time:

Wake up-boring-boring-boring-boring-boring-boring-boring-boring.

I'm thinking I should probably just stop going on Facebook altogether, because when I scroll down my newsfeed, it seems to me that everyone else's life goes something like this:

Wake up! To breakfast in bed from the most awesomely romantic sweetie ever, for no reason except it's Tuesday! Can you believe my perfectly clean, tastefully decorated bedroom?! Go to job that is so sweet and interesting you probably can't believe it's even a job! Go home! Make spectacular gourmet meal with sweetie! Go to sleep in tastefully decorated bedroom! Wow! Best day ever and it was just a totally normal day!

Now, I will tell you that the perpetually single shtick I had going on when I first started this blog is no more, and I do have a very nice bf. However, the day he brings me breakfast in bed on a random Tuesday will probably be the same day that four horsemen come storming out of the sky to announce the coming of the Apocalypse. Our apartment could use a once-over with a vacuum and probably a few pictures on the walls. And if by gourmet meal you mean toast and peanuts, then yes. And I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone I seem to actually encounter in person when I say that work is work. You know, like, work.

So what gives, dudes? Are you all kind of lying, or does my life really just suck?



  1. People are lying. Facebook has a filter and they only put the really awesome things on there that make it look like their life is amazing all the time. People don't post about the nights they spend alone in their sweatpants watching The Notebook and crying into their Ben and Jerrys.

  2. hahahahahha this is the best

  3. If you're watching me on facebook, you'll think my life consists of emerging every few days to make sarcastic comments, followed by doing this:

    Steve Hutchison

  4. It's a bit of both Jennie! - TN