Monday, April 29, 2013

Moroccan Oil

I used to really quite like getting haircuts. I'm talking about back when my mother went to the hairdresser with me and it was she who was blamed if my hair was too unkempt or tangled or dry or goodness knows what other manner of things can be wrong with your hair. Anyway, in those days, my mother would get an earful, I'd get a haircut, and I, at least, would go home with a clear conscience.

However, in the past, er, several years since I have been going to get haircuts without my mother, I've found myself in rather a tetchy mood after the fact because the whole experience feels a bit too much like being caught without your homework.

"What shampoo are you using?!" the hairdresser is wont to cry.

And of course I am always stupid enough to tell the truth, which is that I'm using some kind that I don't know what it's called from the drugstore (when I should of said I'm using the really expensive kind that they sell in the hair salon I'm in). And then the hairdresser is all like "Tsk, tsk," and impresses upon me that I really must buy the expensive stuff. And I'm such a gigantic sucker that half the time I actually do, use it for all of one day, then put it in a drawer somewhere, forget I have it, keep using the cheap stuff, and Bob's your uncle, my hair still sucks. Or maybe it would still suck even if I used the expensive stuff! Which incidentally, I discovered today is probably the case.

This brings me to what I really wanted to talk about, which is Moroccan Oil.

For those not in the know, Moroccan Oil is the expensive stuff. It is the exact thing they love to push upon you in the hair salon. It is not what Pharaoh's daughter was using when she discovered baby Moses while bathing in the Nile, although it sort of sounds like it is DESPITE the fact that that event did not take place in Morocco, which is some ingenious marketing if you really think about it. The marketing is honest, however, insofar as this product is oily. So oily, in fact, that I put it in my hair a full day ago and my hands are still oily. So oily that the oiliness has seeped beneath my skin and affected my personality.

As for my hair, immediately after infusing it with Moroccan Oil, I went to the hairdresser who advised me that I need to buy Moroccan Oil, the selfsame product that I already had in my hair. So long story short, if you happen to be in Germany either today or tomorrow and you see a Canadian girl with really oily hair walking around and she happens to really skeevily ask for your digits, well, you know who to blame.


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