Saturday, April 27, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Happy

The now defunct Domino mag used to have a feature called "10 Things That Make Me Happy" that was always on the last page of the issue. I have no idea how you got selected to be the person whose 10 things got to appear, but I'll admit I was extremely disappointed when the magazine folded a number of years ago as it meant my lifelong dream of being that person would never be fulfilled.

But then I realized (just now, funnily enough) that I could simply tell whoever is reading this about what 10 things would make me happy. So please just pretend this screen is very glossy and there is a picture of me looking very chic sitting in my sweet little apartment or something right in front of you, as well as a pic of each of the following things:

1) Toaster ovens. Those pop-up toasters - why do they even exist? Do I want to turn on my entire fricking oven just to make a pizza bagel? I think not! Toaster ovens are the shiz. If you don't have one, that's kind of like not owning a pair of shoes or something. Okay, maybe it's not exactly like that. But almost.

2) Tylenol. I indicated in this post over two years ago that I find Tylenol to be a kind of ingenious invention despite the fact that it only cures physical ailments. I still find it ingenious 'cause you know what? Curing physical ailments is a pretty good start. I don't know whether I can truthfully say that Tylenol actually makes me happy; however, I can say that it often makes me happier.

3) Slippers. I have been living in Germany for the past two years, and while I find practically everything about German culture and society to be sort of like amusing meets ridiculous, the one thing I have quite warmed to in this country is the people's overzealous fondness for wearing slippers. In fact, my main nod to assimilating seems to be the fact that I have a minor panic attack every time I find myself inside a private residence without them on. It feels like I've been found naked in public.

4) Tetris. It's things that go on top of other things! Genius. I dare you to play this game and not have literally the best day of your entire life. This will include the day of your first kiss, the day you bought your first car, your wedding day, etc.

5) Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I know this show mostly kind of sucks, except that Sheldon is funny. The Jewish guy? No that funny. Indian guy? Also not that funny. All the girls? Totally not funny. But Sheldon? Hysterical. I could watch that guy all day.

6) When my hair looks good. It makes me happy, okay???!!!

7) Having a washing machine in my actual apartment. This one thing has made my life like one thousand million times better. I am not exaggerating.

8) Having a dryer in my actual apartment. See above.

9) When I manage to parallel park without bringing disaster upon myself. The feeling of excitement this brings me cannot be described.

10) The Anthropologie catalogue. To be perfectly honest with you, this doesn't make me very happy at all. In fact, seeing people who are far better-dressed than I and who apparently also have far more tastefully appointed homes makes me feel slightly depressed. However, I still get excited every time I see the Anthropologie catalogue, isn't that weird? I knew there was some reason I was putting it on this list.

So what are some of the things that make y'all happy, then?


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  1. This was great. And I completely endorse No. 10.