Friday, September 14, 2012


Lately I've been feeling like I'm constantly surrounded by discussions in various media as to whether various things are still relevant. Newspapers, are those relevant? What about CDs, are those? And what about hotmail? What about religion, or Yiddish, or taking a walk?

I'll admit this is nothing but rank speculation, but I have this funny feeling it didn't used to be this way. I  seriously just can't imagine that back in the day they used to sit around saying "Well say, that ol' horse and buggy, do you suppose it's still relevant?" I'm thinking if it was relevant then it was relevant and if not, then people stopped using/buying/manufacturing/breeding it, and that was that. No need to chat a million circles around it, as though you can stop time from moving along just by running your mouth to the end of the universe.

I think this whole talking too much business is something that happens in other situations too. Like for example, I used to get insulted when I thought someone was insinuating that I eat too much, and then I'd get all twisted into a hypersensitive fit and talk about it to whomever was nearby til I was blue in the face. And what did it change? Nothing, that's what. I basically had two options: either ignore the person and keep eating as much as I like because I think he's wrong, or else eat less because I think he's right. No need to talk about that shit nonstop and get all upset, that's what I say.

Or whenever I've had to make a major decision. It's like I'd pretty much rather talk about making the decision for the rest of my life than actually make it. No, seriously.

So what was I saying again? Oh yes, that thing about being relevant.

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  1. I think these "relevance" discussions are a symptom of the rise of the 24-hour news media. These stations have a lot of time to kill, which leads to a ton of navel-gazing and blather.