Friday, July 6, 2012


Not to be a total snobby douche but I just saw a movie at a film festival that hasn't really been released so none of you can see it, but I'm still going to review it on here. Maybe you saw it if you too were at the Germany premier of this thing, or perhaps if you were on the Sundance jury. Yeah I know, snobby douchy me.

(But: it's one of those ones that's played at a whole lot of film festivals, so if you're a snobby douche too you can probably see it eventually. Hang tight.)

Anyway, the movie is somewhat forgettably called Without, and it stars a really hot girl named Joslyn (the actress has the same name as the character). This is her:

In typical horror movie fashion, Joslyn arrives on an underpopulated island to house-sit for a really anal couple while they're on vacation. In this case, she is also charged with looking after the wife's incontinent, practically vegetative father: feeding him, wiping him, lifting him from his wheelchair, etc. There's no internet in the house, and Joslyn's relationship to her Smartphone borders on the obsessive. After spending an eternity looking at pictures and videos of a mysterious Asian girl on the phone, she finds an old crappy computer in the family's attic and tries for a dial-up connection.

So then I thought she was going to try to contact said Asian girl, but no: it turns out the girl is part of a tragedy that happened sometime in Joslyn's past and brought her here in the first place. She then attempts to befriend the frighteningly moody girl who works at the local coffee shop, sort of staves off-sort of invites the advances of an overly aggressive local cab driver/handyman, and uses the computer to seemingly film herself getting off (or is she webcamming with said handyman?).

All douchiness aside, if you have the chance to see this movie, you should (try not to forget its forgettable title). It is deeply eerie. Something is going on in the house, or in the movie, but you are never sure exactly what it is, nor are you sure whether Joslyn is mentally stable or in physical danger.  Her extreme anguish at the lack of internet is a particular source of mystery. Certainly, she seems overstimulated and immature, but is there something else? Is there someone she wants to be in touch with? And where is her family, exactly? (She is apparently 19.)

Also, kudos to the guy who played the vegetative old man. That was probably a bit of a thankless role, but he rocked it. I totally believed him.