Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Helping my parents someday

I hate the fact that I'm supposed to make decisions and do things without considering my parents' advice to be the last word on the subject. I still want them to know everything and always be right because otherwise, who will always be right? Not me. I'm not always right.

And then I start thinking about the fact that when my parents get older, well, maybe they won't need my advice, but they might need me to do other things like help them pick things up, or move around, or I don't know what.

Helping parents seems like a big and scary prospect. I don't really get too scared about the idea of having to help children someday. Well actually I do, but that doesn't seem completely insurmountable. But helping my parents? I mean, if I'm helping them, then who will help me? Are middle aged people all alone?


  1. I often think about this topic myself. My mother has some health issues, but she can take care of herself. For now. I often wonder what will happen once the years go by and it is harder and harder for her to move around. Where will she live? Who will take care of her? Will that burden be on me, even though I expect to have kids and a wife by that time? It's tough, and scary, to consider that eventually the cycle reverses...and the kids become the caregivers.


  2. Don't take this the wrong way, but you are giving your parents less credit that they deserve. People get old, but their capabilities don't just disappear. one of the main concerns I had when moving out was my parents and whether they can handle the chores I was usually tasked with doing. Both my parents are doing fine and I do help them once in a while (lifting heavy objects and such).

    My point is, people can survive without help. and the concept of the reality that one day you should help them isn't as scary as it seems.