Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fantasy World

Something I'm becoming increasingly aware of about myself is that I have sort of been living my entire life in a perpetual fantasy world. Some of my fantasies I've always known are ridiculous and are just a way to pass the time, like the one in which I heroically jump in front of a car to rescue a stranger and it just so happens that everyone I knew in elementary school but haven't seen since is there to see me. (I survive, of course.) But other fantasies I have gone through my entire life believing were true, and am just now finding out, to my frankly great consternation, are not.

Here are some of the somewhat startling awakenings that I have recently had:

1) Living in a different country, where they have a different culture and speak a different language and everything, is not significantly more exciting than living at home. It is mostly just significantly harder.

2) You can't just keep going back to school every time you get the idea in your head that something is interesting. At a certain point, sooner than you would believe possible, you have to earn a living.

3) Earning a living is harder than you think. (And I do mean a living, not a fortune.) Most people won't be able to do it painting pictures or telling jokes or whatever it is that's more fun than sitting at a desk. You are probably most people.

4) People with really hot bodies were mostly born that way. You won't look like them no matter what you do.

5) I don't know if I can sit here and actually say that money buys happiness since I suppose there are some rich people who will just never be happy, but... well, most people would probably be very significantly happier if they got to work less and buy more pointless things.

6) Happiness is simpler than you think.

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