Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting Fat

Something I've been grappling with lately is the reality that I actually will get fat if I sit on my butt the entire day and exercise no self-conrol in my food-related decision-making. This is a problem because the thing is, when you've got to just study or work or whatever all the time, you don't usually feel like a) going to the gym or whatever it is all these skinny people are doing when you could just go home and watch TV and b) being all like "oh I can't eat that even though I really want to! I'll deprive myself, that's what I'll do! And then tomorrow I'll wake up and work! And then I'll deprive myself again! Yippee!" 

Frustratingly, as with common sense, it seems to me that this is something everyone has all worked out a long time ago as I keep getting asked, by people whom I keep thinking seem normal, whether I want to go hiking. Or biking. Actually, someone even asked me recently if I want to go on a bike ride all the way to a different neighbourhood

I mean, for chrissakes, can we please start small? What do I look like, Arnold Schwarzenegger?


  1. Aww, you won't get fat Jennie!

    I feel the same way about other people having it worked out, though - except for bike riding! Bike riding is the best!

    The reason is that it is the perfect place to talk to yourself out loud. You can't talk to yourself out loud while walking or on the bus in case people hear you. You can't talk to yourself in the car because it takes too much concentration. But nobody notices you talking to yourself out loud on a bike.

  2. I...have never gotten fat. I weigh exactly the same as I did in high school, more or less. Even having my own apartment and eating junk most of the time has not changed a thing.

  3. ahahahha. Sometimes after I've pigged out on pizza or fried potatoes, I do a hundred jumping jacks. That makes me feel less guilty.

  4. Jennie... you always look good!

    PS. Dave... that is b/c you are a young man.

    xo Nessa