Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playing Pool

You know what I really hate about playing pool? How even after you insist you suck at it, everyone tries to tell you it's easy and you can't possibly suck. And then when you really do suck, they feel like they have to teach you in this totally annoying patronizing way, like "no, it'll be way easier if you hold the cue like this, not like this." And then when you still suck, they get annoyed.

Frisbee is like that too, kind of.


  1. The most painful and annoying game of pool I've ever watched is when BOTH players don't know how to play - nobody can shoot and the game never ends...

  2. Hello Ms. Morgan. I have played once and I looked like an idiot all the way through. I think I annoyed my playmate because I made fun of his expertise! I told him he wasted his time a lot, and that was why he could play well.

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