Monday, July 4, 2011

English-Speaking Fantasies

Since coming to Germany, I have found myself having these incredibly elaborate fantasies in which I'm back home and someone asks me a question in the street, and I just run my mouth giving them the most fantastic answer, instead of blinking and saying "Ja" and then slinking away in shame as they smile and ask the next person.

Then I have this other fantasy about being in a group of mostly English-speakers and only one or two Germans so that we have to all speak English to each other, and positively talking everyone's ears off while they all think I'm just such a card. The Germans in the group are silently bewildered. Naturlich.


  1. I can't believe a Canadian girl is being forced to speak German. Who the hell won that war anyway?!

  2. It's hard to be without linguistic compatriots for an extended period of time! I feel your pain. I remember when I was studying abroad and one of the best feelings was when I arrived home and knew I could perform simple tasks (order coffee, buy groceries etc.) without making a fool of myself. But hang in there, you'll soon be wowing them with your wit (and in German no less).

  3. Hahaha I hear ya! I get this giddy feeling every time I overhear someone speaking English here in Germany. I feel like we're nearly family in that moment.