Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Several Observations About Learning a Foreign Language

1) Presumably, if you are an adult you are able to express sophisticated ideas in your own language. But when you are trying to learn a foreign language it's like your most basic thoughts are taken away from you and you're sitting around in a classroom with a bunch of other similarly handicapped individuals being like "Ah yes, I too am an admirer of the spaghetti."

2) At the break you're like "cripes, if I stay here I am going to have to try to turn sentences like that into an actual conversation with my classmates who are suddenly looking like the most awkward people on earth" so you spend the whole 20 mins in the bathroom.

3) Why will the teacher not just come out and laugh at us? Even I know we sound positively silly.

4) It really must be true that they hate foreigners in Germany. Or else they would get rid of these deeply exasperating "cases" which I can't help but notice don't always contribute a whole lot to the meaning of anything but do make it really hard to ever get anything right. And they would report more international news items that everyone can understand, like "Lindsay Lohan ist nicht mehr unter Hausarrest."


  1. You're totally right about the first point. It's fine for a child: they haven't got any advanced ideas to express.

    But when you're an adult, you're basically being forcibly dragged backwards into the realm of dribbling moron as soon as you leave the safety of your native tongue...

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