Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interviews with Celebrities

You know those celebrities that are pictured on the covers of magazines? Do you ever open up the magazine and read the interview with the celebrity inside? Right, I knew you wouldn't admit it. But let's say you were to admit it for a second, just to yourself. Don't you think it's dumb how the interviewer waxes all crazily poetic about how much the movie star in question wears the nicest clothes? And hates the paparazzi because it just ruins lives? But she'll live with it because she loves her job? 

I mean of course she wears nice clothes, for fuck's sake. And of course she'll live with it. And of course she loves her job. She's an effing movie star.

(Also, isn't it uncanny how she always manages to say something hilarious to try to convince you she's normal, like "I'm friends with Natalie but we never talk about work"?)

1 comment :

  1. SO true. I'm totally guilty of reading those interviews and the part I hate the MOST is every single interview it starts with [Blank] rushed in dressed in [Blank] (some designer thing I could never afford) and talked about how they're just a regular mom or sister or girlfriend or wife. Yeah RIGHT!