Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey, You're Jewish? Is That Why You're Eating What You're Eating?

The thing about being named Jennie Morgan is that the subject of my Jewish background does not generally come up very often. However, sometimes it does, like because someone asks what my middle name is or something. Since being in Germany, I have experienced something that I really never experienced at home, which is that when people find out my little "secret" (not that I hide it) I find that I am suddenly a bit of a curiosity and am bombarded with a slew of what I believe are rather hilarious questions, although I am starting to question my sanity on this one a bit so you can tell me what you think. So far it's gone pretty much like so:

Well, no, that's not why I'm not eating a pork sausage, because I'm not religious. I just don't want to eat a pork sausage.

But if you're not religious, then why are you wearing a bracelet with Hebrew letters on it?
Well, because it says my name on it. And it says my name in Hebrew because I'm Jewish.

But why, if you're not religious?
Um, well, because I have cultural traditionalism.

So do you actually know Hebrew?
I guess so, some, because I went to a Jewish school.

But why, if you're not religious?
Because of the cultural traditionalism.

So are you really not religious at all?
Well, I'm sitting here in a bar on a Friday night, so that means I'm not.

It does???? Why?????
Well, Jewish people who are religious don't go to bars on Friday nights.

But why????
I suppose for the same reason that the supermarket on my street is closed on Sunday.

So do you go to the like Jewish church?
Occasionally. But not too often, no.

Why not?
Because I'm not religious, remember?

So is Judaism like a major religion in Canada?
A major religion? I wouldn't say that, no.

So does your dad wear one of those things? Those like hat things?
Are you serious? Jesus Christ.


  1. I try to keep my religion under wraps at work (not that I hide it), I just don't go into full detail. I like to keep work and my religion separate and I feel one shouldn't interfere with the other (with some exceptions of course).

    I get it if someone is curious and had a question or two. But its when it gets to a full out discussion that bothers me (even in a social setting). I just feel like I'm being dissected left and right and there is someone waiting in the wings to trip me up (but that could just be paranoia).

    In summary, I just don't talk about religion much, I just go about my day and do what I do.

  2. Well, you could always say that your dad just hates getting hat head.

  3. Jennie, this made me laugh out loud. Not in the "haha, lolz" sense, but literally if i'd been drinking tea it would have come out my nose.