Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Book I'm Reading

I wanted to tell you about a book I'm reading. That's not really true, I wanted to tell you about a tiny little bit from the foreword, which was written by Dave Eggers. The tiny little bit goes like this:

"There are some people who feel that fiction should be easy to read... On the other hand, there are those who feel that fiction can be challenging... [But some readers] might actually read both kinds of fiction themselves, sometimes in the same week. There might even be - though it's impossible to prove - readers who find it possible to enjoy Thomas Pynchon one day and Elmore Leonard the next. Or even: readers who can have fun with Jonathan Franzen in the morning while wrestling with William Gaddis at night."

I obviously don't know Dave Eggers personally, so why oh why do I get such a feeling that he might be a bit of a pretentious douche?


  1. Infinite jest? I don't think he's pretentious, I just think he comes off that way.

  2. Yes, Infinite Jest. I guess you've read it too.

  3. No, it was too challenging!

  4. I find fiction too challenging.

    I just... don't... care. My bookshelf is littered with fiction books i kinda want to read but can't get into.

    Non-fiction only, please.

  5. I enjoy his work, but yes he is a pretentious douche simply because he was discovered by the New Yorker. Again, a great magazine but pretentious throughout.