Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I know it's a bit rich to review a movie that certain theatres around the world have shown every night for like 30 years, but since rich is what I intend to be when I grow up that's what I'm gonna do. Now, I think that the first half hour or so of this movie - basically until they finish singing "Time Warp" which is right after the super square couple Brad and Janet get to the castle - is pure comic genius. After "Time Warp" it goes downhill pretty fast by getting weirder and weirder without getting correspondingly funnier, so you're sort of just sitting there like "how am I supposed to react to this?"

That being said, I will readily admit that I have this fantasy version of myself in which I go to the farmer's market a lot, ride a bike everywhere in nice shoes, and am never home in the evenings because I'm playing Janet in a Broadway revival (or something) of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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