Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lemon Butter Pasta

I haven't posted any recipes on here in a while because I've been too damn lazy to cook anything, but this is really absurdly easy and if I can do it I'm sure you can too. You will need the following, which I'm sure you already have if you've bought groceries in the last two weeks or actually pretty much ever:

Pasta (whatever kind you like, however much you think you can eat)
Olive oil
A lemon
Garlic (however much you like)
Salt and pepper

Put a pot of water on to boil and cook pasta according to package directions. Or just cook it according to the way you know how, I'm sure you're not a moron. While it's cooking, you're going to zest the lemon. I know this sounds like kind of a big deal but it's really not. Either get out a cheese grater, stick it over a bowl, and rub the lemon against the side with the smallest holes in it like this

or just peel the lemon with a veg peeler or knife and then cut it up into tiny little pieces. Sorry to be a nuisance but they really should be tiny or you'll get a mouthful of peel which is gross.

Now put a bit of olive oil in the pan and then add a sizable chunk of butter. Use more butter than oil but you do need the oil unless you seriously think you can cook this thing on crazily low heat, watch it like someone's paying you, and still not get pissed off when it burns and you have to do it again. Once the butter is melted, press the garlic into it (if you have a garlic press, if not just chop it up small and toss it in there) and cook until it smells nice, then add the lemon zest, a bit of salt and pepper, and cooked pasta (should be done by now), then stir. Cut the lemon that you zested in half and squeeze the juice from both halves into the pan and stir again. 

That's it. You're done. I'll admit that that pasta dish with just olive oil and garlic might be a little easier than this but while some may call that cuisine I personally would call it bullshit.



  1. Looks delish... will try for lunch tomorrow!

  2. Hellooo! I just made this, and it was delicious! The garlic-lemon sauce thing turned a little bit blue. Did that happen to you? I ate it anyway and it was yummy x 2000.

  3. Blue? Oh dear, no, mine came out looking the way it does in the picture, kind of yellowy-colourless. Well, I'm glad it at least tasted good.