Tuesday, May 17, 2011


1) I try my best to live by the philosophy that the world would be a better place if we could all just be a little more open about our insecurities. However, I am usually not very successful at doing this because I've been noticing that most of the time, if I were to say something like "I kind of despise people who are better looking than me" or "I'm afraid I will be middle aged and single when Kate Middleton has already married a prince, like how unfair is that," the response I generally get is "Aww."

Aww? I mean jeez. Why don't you just say "Haha it sucks that you think that about yourself because I don't think that about myself!" Aww.

2) Do you ever feel like you hear the words "my ex" nonstop because everyone you know, including people who are like 19 years old, has had way more relationships than you? And that you never say anything like "Wow you've had so many relationships" because if you did they would probably say "Aww"?

Just out of idle curiosity, I mean.



  2. Believe it or not, I totally understand. No awws over here, Jennie.

  3. People say "my ex" to describe someone they slept with for five minutes. I think it's just an uncomfortable phrase all around. Maybe in a pinch I would reference "my friend" or "someone I used to hang out with" or something. Otherwise it's -- this anecdote brought to you by a failed relationship! Hurrah! I don't understand why people are proud of accumulating a bevy of exes. Each successive failed relationship means you're carrying one more piece of baggage and are one step closer to dying alone.

    I'd saw aww, but I'm too busy being bitter and acquiring multiple cats.

  4. at one point in my life (in my late teens and my 20th and 21st year of life), I used to envy people with a lot of exes because my thinking was that they were more popular with guys than I was. But now I understand that that's not the case, I'm more cautious about who I choose to go out with and I like to keep my standards, I think that the higher the number of exes, the more I like to think that the person is just not good at being in a relationship. Red flag for me if it's a guy. Plus some people like to call random dates a "relationship" as well...idiots.