Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your Highness

I think I said over here that I'd be easing up on the long line of movie reviews, but I LIED!!!! I just saw Your Highness which is out in theatres now, and I have to say that while it had potential, it ended up suffering from a severe case of what I'm going to call "Family Guy Syndrome," which is when a movie or TV show or something thinks that being crude is the same thing as being funny.

Your Highness is a comedy that takes place in the Middle Ages or some fantasy version of the Middle Ages, where there are all sorts of bizarre demons and castles and weird old squires. All of this could have been funny and awesome, but it very quickly degenerated into dumb jokes about private parts and the like that were probably funny to the 21-year-old guys to whom this movie was surely targeted, but nobody else.

This got on my nerves more than it otherwise would have because Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel were both in this movie, and if you've been with me for a while, you probably know that I always look for reasons to dislike girls like this because I am jealous of how good-looking and successful they are. In this case, I could totally see Natalie thinking "wow this movie is so funny and smart that they should have a course on it at Harvard!" and Zooey being like "wow this movie is so quirky that I'm going to put framed stills from it on the counter next to my Hello Kitty George Foreman grill!"

I don't know whether such a thing as a Hello Kitty George Foreman grill exists but if it does, I bet Zooey has one because she tries so hard to be a quirky hipster. I mean, apparently she even has a blog where she posts all this dumb hipster stuff like thoughts on life and recipes. Who does she think she is?????

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  1. Yeah... I don't HATE movies like these but I don't understanding the casting. It's like they got together and said "Let's see what happens if we make this shitty ass movie with all A-list actors?" No way I'm paying to see this.