Sunday, April 10, 2011

Winter's Bone

Obviously I prefer to watch a string of movies all in a row than study for any exams or anything like that, so you're getting a string of reviews in a row. If you're by any chance new 'round here don't be confused. This is actually an all-manner-of-mundane-shit blog, not a movies-only blog.

So Winter's Bone. I'm going to go into pretentious snob mode for two secs and say that I thought this movie was exquisitely acted and beautifully shot. And now I'm going to get out of pretentious snob mode and say that the story kind of made me feel like an idiot. This is possibly because it was so deadly slow that I had to concentrate pretty hard to even notice whether something important was happening, particularly since the exasperatingly suspenseful music never let up for a second. It may also be because every so often, a character would show up without having been properly introduced and I would just be terribly confused about who he was and why I should distrust him.

And oh, you better be ready to distrust everyone if you want to watch this movie, because everyone is trying to sabotage its spine-of-steel, supersmart, and superconfident heroine. My spine has a consistency a little closer to cheddar cheese or something so she's a bit hard for me to relate to but I can't very well complain about shit like that in every review, so I'll complain about something else this time: I'm frickin sick of watching movies that are supposed to be populated by "real" (read: ugly) people and pretty much are except for the heroine, who is like hotter than hot. I mean, jeez. If I were them I'd try to sabotage her too.


  1. hahahaha that's quite a review!! I am pretty much the same. I actually do watch "more than" a couple of movies in a row most days.. I'm yet to watch this movie though.. Surely will now!

    Keep the reviews coming :D


  2. You know what would be a great challenge for the exam period? a review of LVT's Antichrist. now there's a movie worth skipping studies for!!