Friday, April 15, 2011

Toy Story 3 and Too Hard to Find a URL's Oscar

The long saga of reviews on this blog is (probably) easing up for now with this post, since I have just seen the last movie that was nominated for best picture. Given that I was really not expecting a whole hell of a lot from a movie called Toy Story 3, I was quite pleasantly surprised that it was very well-done. I am actually tempted to say that it achieved the ring of perfection (which is a concept that I talked about here and here) because for what it was, it was just as good as it could have been. In fact, it was beautifully human, and it moved me, even though it was just about a bunch of toys. But still, it was a kid's movie, and to be perfectly honest, I was sort of like "OK is this almost over?" starting about halfway in.

Of the movies nominated for best picture, I basically liked Black Swan, True Grit, 127 Hours, and Toy Story 3, felt sort of ambivalent about The Social Network, didn't especially like The Kids Are All Right, Winter's Bone, and The Fighter, and positively despised Inception and The King's Speech (so much so that I wrote about it three times, here, here, and here).

As between the ones I liked, Black Swan was imaginative but not one hundred percent successful if you know what I mean, True Grit was enjoyable and Jeff Bridges was totally hilarious but it was nothing new, 127 Hours was inventive and cool and I basically have nothing bad to say about it but I wouldn't say it has the ring of perfection, and Toy Story 3 may have the ring of perfection but it wasn't as good to watch as 127 Hours. So if you could follow that line of reasoning which makes loads of sense to me, it's down to 127 Hours and Toy Story 3, which leaves me with the fundamental question: does ring of perfection trump fun to watch? Umm... not in this case, no. So if I were in charge of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in addition to never letting Anne Hathaway near that stage, I would have given the thing to 127 Hours.

But the ring of perfection could trump fun to watch. Like if I were to give an Oscar for best picture I saw this past year, including ones that weren't nominated, I would give it to Another Year, which was also not as fun to watch as 127 Hours. But it was still one of the best movies ever in the history of the universe. That I've seen anyway.

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