Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Coverage

I wanted to come up with something clever and funny to say about the royal wedding but I couldn't think of anything that was that clever or funny, so I will tell you this instead:

I was awake in the early hours today and so could have watched the wedding on TV. I did turn it on briefly with every intention of feeling delighted for these two nice-looking celebrities from whose lives those twin demons, Loneliness and Heartache (not to mention their pesky cousin, Hard Work), will apparently be forevermore absent. But the twins were lurking in the room with me and quickly found their way into my all-too-bitter heart. So I didn't watch the wedding. I turned it off.



  1. not sure I'd envy anyone who is born into / marries into the british royal family, jennie. you're probably better off without...!

  2. Oh I know that, and it's not about envying every aspect of their lives, which seem to be largely governed by arbitrary rules. I just hear a lot about people saying either that they're happy for them or that they don't care about them, and I wanted to express something that isn't exactly either of those things: that the "real life fairy tale" is not that easy to watch for everyone.