Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Oddest Mainstream Commercial Product Ever Invented

I'm thinking it's clamato juice. I can only imagine that the business meeting or focus group or whatever they use to develop new products went something like this:

"How about tuna juice and orange juice?"
"Okay then, what about caper juice and fruit punch?"
"No way! Disgusting!"
"Pickle juice and grape?"
"Oh my God, that's ridiculous. You're not getting paid for this."

And so on, until they came up with clam juice and tomato which is ingenious, obviously.

I'm going to do the same thing as I did in this post, where I asked you all to top what I claimed was the most awkward word in the English language. So please top my oddest mainstream commercial product by leaving a comment, oh incredibly insightful individuals. I will be giving a shout-out on this blog to whomever I think comes up with something odder than clamato juice.


  1. God. Once again.

  2. This book

  3. cow's milk for human consumption. i can't believe how many people don't bat an eye at drinking the breast milk of another species, all the while thinking it's totally creepy to drink the breast milk of our own species past infancy.

  4. Wedding competition shows on T.V., perhaps?

  5. Teletubbies (we were all thinking it)

    I can picture the meeting now.

    Executive: What's the show about?
    Writer: 4 aliens in different colours that speak in baby-talk
    Executive: Go on.....
    Writer: They live in a field and here is the kicker....they have televisions in their stomachs.....
    Executive: THAT'S THE HIT!! Writer, you have done it again!

  6. hahahhahahah @ cow's milk

    yogurt is even weirder i guess... 'let's take the breast milk of other species, let it grow live bacteria cultures, then eat it!'

  7. Bottled water. Tap is FREE and - according to some sources - better for you.

    Jun Chao

  8. Since Clamato is only mainstream in Canada, I'm assuming that regional mainstream products are okay. In which case... Hákarl.ákarl

    Hákarl is often in the running for the worst food in the world. It's shark meat, fermented and hung to dry for four to five months until it acquires a strong ammonia-like smell.

    I just can't imagine how this was originally developed, or who thought that fermented shark that smells like ammonia would make a great food product.

  9. Mustard. Produced one way, it's a zesty and delicious condiment. Another way, and it's a poisonous gas that can kill or permanently cripple a man within minutes. Pretty weird, if you think about it.

  10. Push-up underwear.

    Back when I worked at a lingerie store, a customer once asked if we carried this, and I thought it was a joke. But it's not. It's real. TOO REAL.

    It may not be mainstream yet, but it will be soon enough, I'm sure...

  11. Oh my god... I just further explored the website and found this: