Friday, March 25, 2011


I know this movie is well over a year old, but seeing as it's sort of the King's Speech of 2009/10, I figured I'd post a review of it anyway because naturally my feelings about it are strong.

Like many of my reviews, this actually isn't a review so much as a kvetch about the people who like the movie in question. Whenever I have a discussion about the merits of Avatar with such a person, I can almost always get them to admit that the plot was asinine and the character depth was nonexistent. Once that's done, the conversation generally proceeds as follows:

Me: So you're saying that a movie can have an asinine plot and nonexistent character depth and still be good?
Person who likes Avatar: Well... yes.

Guess I can't argue with that.


  1. YES I agree it had a horrible plot, most people agree with that.
    At most the movie was a popcorn film with cutting edge graphics (it really is why i went to go see it). At the same James Cameron not only created an entire planet and the creatures living on it, he created a different civilization AND a language. Have you ever tried to make your own language? It's hard as hell!
    I think that's what a lot of people focus on just at how detailed the movie was in terms of the background, not the story itself.

    Am I going to actively watch it again? Most likely not, but at the same time, not going to avoid it like the plague either.

  2. It was nice to look at, which is a real attribute. Also, I like thinking about the nerds at Comicon who now dress like navi and bang like their planet is dying.

  3. It was a beautiful movie.

    It was not a good movie.

    In my humble opinion.

  4. Avatar didn't have a good plot or interesting characters. However, it created a incredible, living world and immersed you in that world in a way that no other film has done before. For that reason, I think Avatar is an impressive artistic achievment.

  5. Avatar was an eyegasm. That's about it.

  6. I still haven't seen Avatar, if you can believe it. I'm honestly not even sure I want to.

  7. Avatar is the only movie i ever saw that made me feel compelled to buy a big LCD and watch again.

    Fortunately that wore off before i started writing cheques.