Monday, February 28, 2011

An Open Letter to the Academy

You may be familiar with the humor website McSweeney's, which has a feature called Open Letters to People or Entities who are Unlikely to Respond. I'm going to shamelessly rip off their idea and post just such an open letter of my own right here:

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,

I would like to have a word with you about the two Oscar co-hosts from last night. While he was hosting, James Franco looked quite remarkably like the guys I try to chat up: bored. As for Anne Hathaway, I'll admit I had it out for her from the beginning because I feel threatened by very attractive and successful twentysomething women, so I was actually quite gratified to see that, on the basis of her public speaking skills, one could have been forgiven for confusing her with the Bar Mitzvah boy's girlfriend.

I know that you said you wanted this year's Oscars to be young and hip, but please recall that Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jon Stewart have something else in common besides being old and unhip: they're funny.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Hi there.

    You are completely correct. That may have been the worst job of hosting the Oscars ever.

    Good luck with your blog. I read your little bio over there, and though I'm old enough to be your dad, I think you are cute and involved and I hope you find a million followers.

  2. Jennie, you're killing me. I liked Hathaway. Franco, not so much.

  3. Christine and I were posting on the CTV liveblog during the show. The censors were quite active, deleting anything that was remotely negative, risque, or even just funny. Despite that, Christine managed to sneak through a bland comment ("Oh, I love her dress!") under the screen name "Futt Bucker."

    I knew that loved that chick for a reason.

  4. It's funny, they picked James Franco to appeal to a younger audience, because he's laid-back and easy-going, but in the process managed to turn off everyone else. It looks like they're already pretty much apologizing for it and will probably go back to a safe option like Billy Crystal next year, even though Franco was just doing what they'd told him to do.

  5. I thought you were going to rant about King's Speech win.


  6. Franco was hilarious!

  7. I only watched the first bit of the Oscars, but my gawd they were an awkward pair. Anne Hathaway wasn't terrible - I think it would've been better had she had a more lively and less awkward co-host.

    Also - I'm just going to come out and say it. I am not surprised, but disappointed, that the King's Speech won.


  8. i didn't watch any since they were on in the middle of the night here, but when i heard they were going to host i was appalled. i totally agree, they are not funny people. and, their chemistry seems like it would be awkward at best. and wasn't james franco nominated for best actor? is this the first time someone has been both a nominee and a host? maybe whoopi...