Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Worst Fashion Trend on Earth

I'm talking about peep-toe boots. You know, these utterly wretched things:

Peep-toe boots

I have seen these all over every fashion magazine and in every shoe store but pretty much never on an actual person. And I know why, too. It's because open toe is for summer, and otherwise fully enclosed boot that makes your ankles sweat is for winter. So the only season during which to wear these shoes is the season of "fashion magazine" and "shoe store."

High heeled shoes in general are much featured in fashion magazines and shoe stores but not a whole lot on actual people. And yet the magazines keep featuring them and the stores keep selling them, from which I draw the inevitable conclusion that many people buy outrageously impractical shoes but then never wear them. Don't be one of those people.

If you buy flat shoes, Vogue will feature them eventually, I promise. Be the change you want to see in the world. Gandhi said that.


  1. I know! Seriously, who was the weirdo who said to themselves, "my toes are hot, but my legs are cold"?

  2. I think peep-toe boots are actually a close second to my number one footwear fashion pet peeve: high-heeled clogs. Not only hideous, but also physically impossible to walk in.


  3. lol... although I agree these are hideous and impractical trends, I don't know if I'd list them as the worst - does anyone remember high heeled (or even platform) running shoes? or the vanilla ice Aladdin pants? or spandex and often neon biker shorts on everyone everywhere? Jennie - I think you could have a whole blog devoted to this topic alone!

  4. Hmm, perhaps. And slap bracelets, remember those? I guess they were more pointless than really hideous or impractical, but still.

  5. Nope, sorry. Worst trend = Ugg boots. I have seen 1 pair that actually looked good on a girl... although on second thought, it's just because she was super cute. I was still repulsed by them.

    Go to a college town. Observe women wearing Uggs with... just about anything. Jeans, sweatpants, short shorts, dresses, you name it.

  6. Yeah, I totally agree with you. To be honest, I have a pair. But whenever I wear them, I kind of hate myself.

  7. ohhhh I loved slap bracelets! lol! right up there with koosh balls! lol lol they all make me think of Archie comics for some reason...?

  8. Peep toe boots are hideous. Utterly hideous.

  9. Imagine- peep toe Ugg boots with heels hahaha!! I have to admit I do like the peep toe boots and you could wear them with jeans so your legs would be fine :-)
    As for the Uggs- yes I have a pair and yes I do also judge myself when I wear them but wow they are warm and I didn't have any problems in the icey, snowy weather so possibly worth the judgement.

    Now, jelly shoes they were horrific and denim catsuits a la JLo. HAHA!!

  10. Well, maybe this is the worst women's fashion trend according to women, but according to men it's sharpie eyebrows. Hands down. I wrote about that here:

  11. Oh yes, I agree that sharpie eyebrows are bad. So is heavy lipliner and sequined camisoles. But none of those things are as absurdly impractical as the peep-toe boot.