Monday, January 24, 2011

A Treatise on Michelle Williams' Body Fat

While we're on the topic of words, whenever people speak in admiring tones about how "real" actresses like Kate Winslet and Michelle Williams look because they have "body fat," I always feel a little annoyed, because their body fat looks like no other body fat I've ever seen. I've been trying for a really long time to think of the right word to describe what their body fat looks like, and I am feeling rather pleased with myself at this moment because I have finally come up with it.

The word is "pert." Michelle Williams' body fat is more pert than mine. Probably more pert than yours, too.


  1. Seriously! Kate Winslet is probably about 100 pounds smaller than me. That whore.

  2. It's more pert than mine was when I was a size 4.

  3. ...Ahahaha!

    That is a great word for it, well played.

  4. The problem is even when they show us an image of so called real women, nothing about the image is natural. Retouchers make a good living by creating pertness. Even when it comes to "candid" shots- I have a friend who takes paparazzi shots and he regularly has photos he posts to sell for distribution removed by publicists because the shot made the celebrity look too old or scary. And when I was very pregnant my husband did a nice shoot of me as Botticelli's venus. He sent it to a retoucher who did a nice job of making my cellulite look nice and pert!

  5. I'm going to take that to mean that without any photoshopping, Michelle Williams and I are equally good-looking. Wow this is the best day ever!!

  6. Pert is a perfect word choice...:)