Monday, January 17, 2011

More Lettuce-Free Possibilities

To give you a sense of the infinitesimal possibilities that will open up to you when you make this lettuce-free salad, here is a picture from one time that I made it with carrots instead of orange peppers and a mix of red and yellow tomatoes. I didn't put carrots in the recipe I posted originally because you need to peel them before you put them in a salad, and believe me when I tell you that it's impossible to peel a carrot with a knife, which means you need a vegetable peeler. Since my vision for the recipes on here is kind of like if you can read the recipe and find a place where they sell yogurt and tomatoes, you can do the recipe even if you're a bachelor with a knife and a frying pan and can barely manage to find some pleasant female neighbour who will teach you how to turn on the stove, I decided I would skip the carrots.

You actually don't need to turn on the stove to make a salad, but I wanted to put that in there because it sort of sounds like a porno premise. Hope she gets there before the cleaning lady.

Anyway, please do try making this salad with carrots if you have a vegetable peeler. Hey, you can stick anything in the salad as long as it sounds good to you and you cover all the requisite colours (red, orange, yellow, green). Try cutting up two or three peaches and using them instead of the yellow pepper. That sounds like it would be nice. Or throw in a plum and some blueberries and go through the whole rainbow. Yes, you can but both fruits and vegetables in a salad. No, it's not illegal.

It appears all the tomatoes were eaten by the time this picture was taken but you get the idea. Credit for this photo goes to my lovely friend Heather of the blog She's So Lovely.

I made that salad, but that's not my house. I don't have any star-shaped biscuits such as the half-eaten one you see on the side of the plate. I also don't have any matching wineglasses.


  1. Hahaha. The Frau has matching wine glasses! I believe this was also the night that Chris broke one of them. Ha. Bad Chris! Good salad!

  2. Uh oh, now the whole internet knows that I broke a wine glass... I still feel bad about that!