Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kate Middleton Is My Poster Girl

I suggested in my post yesterday that I suspect there are women who watch sports games and pretend to like them even though they really don't and would rather be doing something else. Now I doubt Kate Middleton will ever see this blog, and even if she does, I think it would be sort of crazy if she actually thought, "What?! Jennie Morgan, specifically, is making an unfair example of me?!"

So while I have nothing against her, I feel pretty comfortable saying that my girl radar tells me she is kind of the poster girl for this very phenomenon.

Perceive the following:

I don't know what game she is watching, and you know, I have a funny feeling she doesn't either.


  1. Um... TAG YOU ARE IT.

  2. William doesn't look particularly thrilled either. His smile is kinda forced.

  3. That thumbs up and smile looks like "oh god they've spotted us, let's hope they don't come here and try to make conversation" type of acknowledgement.

    If it helps I don't know what they are watching either!