Friday, January 14, 2011


I have an extremely lovely friend named Heather, and she has a lovely blog that is fittingly called She's So Lovely. If you click on that link to her blog, you will see that she has described a version of Duck-Duck-Goose that bloggers apparently play with each other, wherein a blogger lists 15 facts about him or herself and then passes on the requirement to do this to five other bloggers. And it seems that she has passed it on to me.

I like Heather a lot and she called me "fucking awesome" on her blog, which I definitely don't get called every day, so I have been persuaded to participate. However, there is absolutely no way on God's earth that I am going to list 15 things, because I can't even think of 15 facts about myself that would be interesting to me, let alone to you. So I have reduced the requirement to three things. I know that's a little lame, but lame is sort of my middle name if you know what I mean.

Here are my three things:

1) I know a fairly unbelievably large amount of information about Rococo architecture, Margaret Thatcher, and Gregorian chant because I have looked all those things up on Wikipedia FOR NO REASON!!

2) I'm really relieved that I live in the era of the cell phone, not because anyone calls me, but because when I'm around large numbers of other people, it relieves my fear of social rejection somewhat to pretend I have just received a very interesting text message.

3) I said in my post yesterday that I have nothing against Kate Middleton, but I totally lied. I actually despise her out of jealousy because I think I deserve to marry a prince too. My parents agree with me.

And here are the five bloggers I am (hopefully) passing this on to:

1) Esther from Recipe Rifle, who writes the most hysterically awesome food blog on the world wide web, in my humble opinion. A fellow who runs his own cooking school once contacted her for a cooking lesson after having read her blog, which means her blog is a far bigger deal than mine, but I'm quietly hoping she goes for this anyway.

2) Tara from The Word For Love Is, who's super awesome too and may live down the street from Iggy Pop, which she posted about here.

3) Melissa from A Good Life and A Good Life Photos. Both of her rocking blogs feature beautiful photos, so don't go thinking the second one is better than the first.

4) The amazing Jessica from Hello, My Name Is Jessica, whose post on unrealistic new year's resolutions is hilarious.

5) Lady C from Tiger Savage for a number of reasons, not least of which that she is fabulous (she uses a pseudonym, for goodness' sake). But most of which because she has all the best news. Did you know that Mel B from the Spice Girls is putting out a fitness video? Neither did I, until Lady C told me.


  1. I used to sing Gregorian Chant. Seriously. Jam session?

  2. Sure thing. I know everything about it now.

  3. The only study music ever worth listening to is Gregorian chant.