Friday, December 31, 2010

The Epicentre of American Culture. The Versailles of the New World.

First of all, this goes without saying, but just in case, I want anyone to please feel free to post comments on this blog disagreeing with anything I say. I know I said here that I'm confident my opinion on topics discussed on this blog are better thought-through than everyone else's but, you know, I could be wrong about that. If you post something, I'll be sure to answer you and hopefully we can get a little dialogue going. You should be able to comment anonymously too if you want. If not, please let me know as this blogging business is new to me. But bring it on! This is exactly what I'm hoping for.

With respect to the title of this post, I think you all know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Disney World.

Now you may be asking yourselves why on earth I, being an adult with no children, would go to Disney World. I really can't answer that question. However, my very witty little brother did sum up the experience of going to Disney World, which I would like to share with you. As follows, the epicentre of American culture in a nutshell:

"There's this stupid little thing that you kind of want to do. But there's a four hour line to do it."



  1. As someone who has never really been to Disney World I wonder... am I missing out? Would you say your experience was worth the hours in line? ... or all in all was it another day (but you happened to be at Disney World)

  2. I'm just being an asshole. You should go once if you can, for sure.

  3. i disagree
    by no means is waiting in line for 3 and a half hours to take a picture with some unimportant background character from a disney movie you've never heard of not worth it!

  4. I think that you are oversimplifying it a little. You went during Christmas, which is the absolute busiest time to be there. The lines aren't usually that long. Disney is multi-level in my opinion, but I've been fairly often since I was little. You have to go with family or something the first time so you make memories, and then you can relive those memories and create new ones when you go back. It's a destination, sure, but it's also an experience.

  5. I see what you're saying. But for lots of people, the only time the whole family has time off is during the week between Christmas and New Years, so if they don't go then, well...